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The word brand comes from the Old Norse word "brandr" meaning to burn. Now we understand it as the practice of farmers burning their mark onto livestock, so people can identify the source and standard of meat immediately.  

Who wouldn’t want the kind of cut-through where customers see a name or logo and instantly think "That’s a reputable, trust-worthy business I can rely on”?!

When we think about the meaning of the word brand it helps to clarify the reasons why having a brand is essential.  While the livestock analogy may not seem applicable to you, the reasoning behind why farmers use branding certainly is.

Branding is essential because it creates the perception in your audiences’ mind that you’re a premium brand, not a common one that can easily be switched for another – or a business that’s too small or not savvy enough to deal with. Ensuring your digital channels, such as your LinkedIn profile and website, align to your analogue brand is essential as it means you can generate word of mouse recommendations, not just word of mouth.

As part of the APEX Insights program, I’ve worked with the team at ANZ to create videos and workbooks so you can begin to ‘Walk the Talk’. With the events finishing in August, we hope you keep coming back to APEX Insights often as there’ll be fresh, new content hosted regularly to help you in 2015 and beyond.

The first element we unpack is branding.  After all, if you don’t know what you stand for it’s impossible for your clients to truly buy in to what you do, who you are and most importantly why you do it.  We’ll go through the eight criteria to understand your brand essence, what channels you should feature in and why, plus diagnosing your visual identity.

The first video in our six part series is available for you below.  Please download the workbook and let’s get started.


September 2015