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Yamini Naidu’s Story Telling Tools

Using soft power to your advantage

To help solidify the lessons from the APEX event this year, we’ve worked with Yamini Naidu to created handy ‘how to guides’ as short videos so that you can begin to harness the power of storytelling today.

As you may remember, Yamini took us through the many benefits of soft power and how storytelling can be used to influence and shape the relationships you have with potential and existing clients, as well as shaping your brand and business. Here, Yamini dives further into these ideas to give you practical and easy-to-apply tips to help fine tune your skills to create engaging and influential content.

While we all love to share stories with family and friends, to be a great storyteller in business there are a few steps you should take to mould your experience into a powerful and influential anecdote. These videos will help you refine your stories and be an adviser that not only understands their client’s needs, but is also as someone they can relate to. The key to story telling is to be passionate. These two traits combined can help build fruitful and long standing relationships with your clients.

Use Yamini’s tools to help create engaging stories

These videos will help you:

  • Understand the purpose of your story
  • Narrow down your audience
  • Make your stories shine
  • Structure your stories 
  • Decipher the difference between a good story vs a great one
  • Harness the three P’s to successful storytelling, and more.

Have a pen, paper or your iPad ready to take some notes and enjoy these tips to becoming a great storyteller from Yamini Naidu.

August 2015