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Lessons from a Rising Star: it's not just a job

January 2017

In this video, AFA Rising Star finalist Peter Hodgson shares his three rules for advisers 'keen to excel'.

For ANZ financial planner Peter Hodgson, a fundamental effect of becoming a finalist in the Association of Financial Advisers Rising Star of the Year Award, was changing his view of financial planning as not just a job, but a profession.

Having worked as a financial planner at ANZ Brisbane for the past three years, Peter Hodgson was nominated in recognition of the number of clients he’s helped with their finances and for his efforts to improve financial literacy.

Going through the process has given him a unique perspective of the contribution he can make as a planner.

“I’ve changed my thought process to think this is not necessarily just a job for me, it’s a profession,” he says. “It’s also made me think about what I stand for as a planner, to reflect on what I’m bringing to the table and contributing to the profession.”

His advice to other advisors wanting to make a difference is to approach their role as a professional. He says if advisers see their work as a profession, not just a job, it will raise industry standards.

“If we treat it as a job, I think it is a very difficult job, but if we treat it as a profession then that gives us the enthusiasm to overcome the headwinds as we learn to deal with challenges in the industry,” he says.