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November 2015

It’s easier than you think

When you think of blogging it can be easy to categorise it as something that only social media savvy people do. Or certainly something Gen X and Gen Y does, but not particularly suitable for you or the financial services industry.

Firstly I want to point out that blogging is easy, much easier than you may think. For starters, you don’t have to write anything if you don’t want to. Consider using the recording feature on your mobile phone or a Dictaphone to record your thoughts on a recent issue, key government decision or trends you feel your audience would be interested in. Then have your PA or marketing assistant transcribe the content for you, you can review and then post as you see fit.

Or even better, use an app such as Transcribe which is a free dictation app that converts speech into text, taking the pain of ‘writing’ a blog away. We may claim to have ‘writer’s block’, but few of us have ever had ‘talker’s block’!

So why is it essential to your business? Blogging highlights that you’re an expert, a thought leader in your niche. This is critical because for financial services clients they need to feel they can trust you before they’ve met you, and definitely before they’ll commit to your services.

By regularly posting content you show transparency and a genuine desire to educate your readers and share information with them, which presents you as an open and trustworthy source.

Blogging regularly also helps your clients move along the journey from awareness through to engagement, evaluation, decision and usage. Plus, Google loves blogs! Every blog you create adds new pages to your site and Google recognises this, which will help pull up your ranking when people search for you.

Like the rest of the Walk the Talk program, we have a helpful workbook full of templates and best practices for you to follow, as well as another short video to help you begin.



November 2015