Risk mars outlook for growth assets

Market Horizon July 2016

In our mid-year market update we consider key sources of risk to global markets.

An update on market trends from Mark Rider, so you can understand what’s driving investments.

Sharemarkets have largely recovered since Brexit caused a rout in European sharemarkets and the British pound, while US and Japanese currencies, along with bonds, were boosted.

While bonds are now trending lower there is a distinct lack of certainty in international markets, presaging more volatility ahead, says ANZ Wealth head of investment strategy and portfolio management Mark Rider.

In our continuing Market Horizon video series, Rider looks ahead to discuss how Brexit will impact Britain's economy and the rest of the world. And he covers the role of central banks in their respective economies, what we can expect from the corporate earnings season, and what's happening in the Chinese economy.

ANZ Market Horizon – July 2016

ANZ's chief investment office outlines trends in the global economy, what we can expect from markets and how it's managing its funds.