Getting clients back on track

Working is good for wellbeing

A growing body of evidence suggests that in general, working is good for the wellbeing of someone recovering from illness or injury, and not working can potentially have negative impacts1. Some of the benefits of working include:

  • improved general health and wellbeing
  • reduced psychological distress
  • positive effect from contributing to society and their family
  • ensuring some physical activity is undertaken
  • providing a sense of community and social inclusion
  • giving structure to days and weeks
  • financial security.

"For young people specifically, research suggests that unemployment leads to a range of psychological problems including depression, anxiety and low self-esteem."

These psychological problems may, in turn, have consequences for physical health, via an association with negative lifestyle choices including heavy tobacco alcohol and drug use, as well as higher mortality from suicide and accidents.

– T. Bjarnason and T. Sigurdardottir (2003) Psychological distress during unemployment and beyond: social support and material deprivation among youth in six northern European countries

Your client isn’t 100% yet, that’s ok!

While adequate treatment and rehabilitation is crucial to a person’s recovery, greater emphasis is now being placed on the role work plays in the rehabilitation process because of the positive impact it has on health.

For many people the best way to overcome these challenges is to get back into the workforce as soon as possible, provided there are means to accommodate the fullest restoration of function; physically, mentally and socially1.

Remaining off work can delay the recovery process, leading to deconditioning, loss of connection with their work life, increased isolation from ‘normal’ life routines, and result in increased fear and a lack of confidence about being able to return to work.

The growing acceptance of working part-time or adopting flexible working arrangements is helping people make their return to work safer, more sustainable, and less stressful.

How can ANZ Wealth help?

ANZ Wealth has a team of professionals including medical officers, rehabilitation staff and accountants extensive experience in Claims management. We are ready to support you and your clients through their claim and their journey back to work.

In some instances, we offer a range of free occupational rehabilitation services available for your clients and encourage applicants, who successfully complete the program by returning back to work, with a one-off rehabilitation and retraining benefit. Please note, these services are only available to Income Protection policy holders and is subject to approval.

Our rehabilitation services include:

  1. Initial needs assessment 
    After understanding the client’s situation and goals, we create a tailored plan to achieve the identified goals by giving them access to the appropriate support from our team.
  2. Workplace assessment
    We assess the client’s workplace environment and identify any possible modifications that are required to make returning to work as smooth as possible.
  3. Career transitioning
    If clients aren’t able to return to the same role, we undertake a vocational assessment of their education, employment history and transferrable skills to identify employment options that are as close as possible to their pre-injury occupational status and earnings.
  4. Re-employment preparation
    We help build clients’ confidence to be job ready by assisting with resume preparation, sourcing job leads and developing the skills for successful interviews.
  5. Current or potential business owners
    If your client owns a business already, our business coaches can help them identify potential options to increase profitability. If the client has a vision of owning their own business, our coaches will explore opportunities and assess the likelihood of the business being financially viable.

Supporting clients for better outcomes

During claims time you can partner with ANZ Wealth to get better outcomes for your clients by:

  • Using tele claims services to fast track payments to clients with an average of 11 days for Income Protection claim payments.
  • Educating clients on the rehabilitation services available through OnePath for a positive impact on their life and journey back to work

For more information contact your ANZ Wealth Business Development Manager.