APEX 2015 - Mastering influence in the new world

As we conclude APEX for another year, I wanted to take this chance to look back at our impressive speaker presentations and how you can use the insights to improve your business.

We were fortunate to have not just one, but two powerful speakers this year that encouraged attendees to look at the way they have been doing business, what the future holds and how we can adapt to the waves of change affecting us all in 2015 and beyond.

The first speaker was Yamini Naidu, an engaging and enchanting presenter who refers to herself as ‘an economist who tells stories’.  Yamini took us through the principles of Hard Power vs Soft Power, and how storytelling is the perfect example of Soft Power and may be a key ingredient of success that’s missing in your business.

Yamini’s presentation centred on how the power of storytelling can create influence and conviction, which can encourage the people that ‘turn up to turn on’. This is the difference between being physically present versus being present in every way and having an internal motivation to contribute to the goals of the business. Storytelling is a powerful way to avoid the ‘curse of knowledge’, or the cognitive bias that gets in the way of people being able to look at a situation from viewpoints other than their own.  It also helps provide clarity as well as inspire individuals. 

I know I’ll remember her example of brussel sprouts as an analogy to motivate a sales team to get the hard work done first! You can refresh your memory of her fantastic presentation, broken down into episodes for convenient viewing.

View more tips on story telling with these insightful videos by Yamini Naidu.


Apex 2015 videos

Our second speaker was the effervescent and high-energy Anders Sörman-Nilsson, a futurist and innovation strategist. Anders presented how to use technology to gain business especially from younger generations such as Gen Y and digital natives. He also explained why mobilising your brand is so important. 

Anders provided insights into digital presence and finding the right balance of engaging customers through traditional or ‘Analogue’ mediums like direct mail or phone calls, versus new wave ‘Digital’ methods such as LinkedIn and blogs.  Together these create what Anders calls Digilogue and it’s in the melding of these two sides that gives you the edge to reach your customer, regardless of generation.  

He told us about his personal experience in finding his financial adviser, Gavin, and how a lot of his information came via digital research he conducted well before their first meeting.  He also encouraged you to conduct your own digital audit to find gaps in your online presence.

Anders highlighted how young professionals conduct research before making a purchase decision, with 79% doing so via indirect channels such as the internet and recommendations from friends and family. This results in only 21% of young professionals who will initially reach out to you directly, highlighting once again how essential it is to have an online presence and invest time in getting it right.  

Access Anders’ new videos on the seamless strategy map where he provides more in-depth insights into the analogue and digital interactions that take place in the pre-sale and post-sale environment.   You can also watch his presentation from the Sydney APEX, broken into episodes.

Thank you for joining us at APEX 2015.  We look forward to supporting you with fresh content regularly so APEX Insights becomes a key resource for you throughout the year. Of course if you have feedback or ideas for future APEX sessions, please share these with your ANZ Wealth BDM.

August 2015