Get your mind read at the FPA Congress

Find out if you’re a toe dipper, a Zen master or a fire walker.

Scan your brain to reveal your risk appetite at ANZ’s YOUPower booth during the FPA 2016 Congress.

Risk profiling is essential in advisers’ daily work – knowing what a client is capable of handling rests on advisers’ good judgment as well as their clients’.

It would be a whole lot easier if advisers could just read their minds and know exactly what risk their clients could handle.

They might not be able to do that, but advisers can get some telling insights during November's Financial Planning Association of Australia Professionals Congress in Perth.

At ANZ’s YOUPower booth, you can get your mind read and the results will determine what risk profile you have, for example, whether you’re cool as a "cucumber" or risk-ready like a "fire walker".

The mind-reading digital technology measures brainwaves to figure out your risk threshold. The brain-scanning technology at the ANZ booth measures reactions to random stimuli to test your appetite for risk, which may not be what you thought it was.

You’ll fall into one of these six categories.

YOUPower risk profiles

Cucumber As in 'cool as'. You don't take risks unless you absolutely have to.
Toe dipper When it comes to risk you prefer to stay in the shallow end of your comfort.
Short stepper You take risks one short step at a time, with every safeguard switched on.
Zen master You balance safety and risk perfectly, knowing when to hold when to fold.
Edge sitter You'r always on the lookout for bigger, braver opportunities to tackle.
Fire walker Your life is a rollercoaster ride because that's how you like it.

Find out what’s powering you

At ANZ’s YOUPower booth you can also test yourself in a game of skill by using your brain to power up a neon sign. The rules will be as follows:

  • You’ll have a maximum of 30 seconds to play the game.
  • We will measure how fast you can power up the neon sign by focusing on it.
  • You’ll get your time at the end of the game.
  • A leaderboard records and tracks users’ contact details and score.
  • You could win tickets to the Australian Open.