APEX 2013: Going social

APEX was introduced in 2013 by ANZ Wealth

APEX was introduced in 2013 as ANZ Wealth’s premium professional development program for our most valued advisers.  

In 2013, APEX focused on providing advisers with real and practical insights to:

  • strengthen and build their business to help broaden their sources of income
  • understand how to navigate a crowded social media landscape to build trusted client relationships

Each event provided BDM follow up sessions to assist with implementing session learnings.

Going social with Baz Gardner

One of the highlights of APEX in 2013 was a session delivered by Baz Gardner, commonly known as the ‘The Social Adviser’.

Unlike other social strategy advisers, you don’t get the ‘normal’ social media rhetoric from Baz.

He is an adviser first and foremost, and he knows there are only three results that matter: more clients, more time, less cost.

At APEX, Baz shared key insights about how to:

  • manage relationships at scale
  • distil knowledge into new and easily digestible mediums, and
  • communicate with clients in ultra-efficient, smarter ways.

In particular, Baz demonstrated how advisers could “outsource to themselves” thanks to the proliferation of affordable and user-friendly video technology.

Baz explained that not only can video help improve your level of service and build deeper relationships with clients; it can also save you time and money by allowing you to spend more time on higher value activities. 

Have you optimised your LinkedIn profile?

Baz’s session highlighted the importance of advisers embracing LinkedIn, which he describes as one of the simplest and most effective ways to improve your digital presence.

To learn more, download our helpful guides on how to optimise your LinkedIn profile and how to use video technology or speak to your BDM.


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